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HCF is a growing Foundation that aims at setting up sustainable shelters for cattle in all of the villages in India. The task is a mean feat that requires many hands on deck to create a protected environment for the animals. Volunteers and interns play a vital role in strengthening the work towards animal welfare, and help expand to more shelters in the country that require urgent intervention and direction toward a sustainable shelter that protects the animals and supports the villages.

Join HCF to create awareness and expand HCF shelters and animal farms across the country, with your specialised contribution.

Volunteers Interns
HCF welcomes purpose-driven volunteers that advocate animal welfare in the country, and are eager to contribute their time, skills and knowledge to become an effective change-maker. HCF aims at engaging the youth, and bring a collective contribution to the development sector. Each individual has the ability to bring about a positive change, especially in the way animals are treated, and HCF endeavours to evolve those objectives into concrete results, with the support of the interns’ team.
Volunteer once a month (minimum) For a period of 1-3 months
Content Writing Social Media & Marketing, Project Reports
Research Projects Fundraising, Surveys, Research & Development
Farm work Get involved with the current shelter-projects

An official certificate of appreciation will be awarded after a successful completion of the internship/volunteer program.

Prospective volunteers and interns are welcome to get in touch, and do their bit for the cause of animal welfare.

Volunteer Program

Program Mandates

Be at least 16 years of age. There are some tasks/activities that require volunteers to have a guardian present. Younger volunteers may also visit in smaller groups.

Be able to commit to at least 3 months of service (3-4 hours of service once a week).

Be able to communicate effectively in Hindi and English.

Attend a group orientation.

Have a current state or authorized photo ID.

Complete and pass a background check (only applies to those 18 years and older).

Volunteers must be animal-friendly.

Volunteer Program

HCF believes in joining hands with passionate community members to work towards animal welfare, help provide regular meals, ensure a safe shelter, and play a role in evolving the regrettable and painful life patterns of most animals in India.

Media & Communications

Create Posters, draft online content, Graphic Designing, Film Making, Creative and Content writing

Data Management and Research

Data Management, Research and documentation and program assessment.

Building and Construction

Help renovate newer sections in the farm, and ensure the animal stables are in good condition.

Farm Work

Plan group visits for animal supporters, and help guide the group toward pre-planned tasks at the farm. Weekly visit to the farm to organize group activities, and ensure the environment is visitor-friendly.

Administrative Work & Business Development

Assist in Book Keeping, Cash Management, and Donor Receipts and help strengthen the operations’ Department.

Internship Program

Application Process

Write to us with your resume, duration (dates) and preferred location for your internship.

The minimum duration is one month.

Submit your application with the following answers: a. Why do you want to intern at Holy Cow Foundation? b. How can your participation bring change? c. From where did you learn about HCF?

Selected candidates will be invited for an interview.

People selected will be provided with their schedule and tasks for the month.

If you’re not an Indian citizen, kindly ensure that you have all the necessary documentation, and confirm your arrival dates in advance. You can also support HCF by spreading a word about the non-profit in the international communities, via crowd funding, events etc.

HCF does not provide stipend and accommodation for internship, but can help you in finding one.

Interns have to work 5 days a week and 7 hours a day.

The interns are required to follow an ethical code of conduct.

All the interns are expected to devote utmost sincerity during their internship period. We expect you to be a responsible and hardworking candidate.

Location of Work

HCF has the following locations of work. You may or may not be made to work on each of these, depending upon the projects, or specific requests:

NOTE: Your work at HCF shall be a combination of office as well as field experiences. HCF endeavours to create an enriching experience for the interns, one that makes for a promising stepping stone prior to full-fledged career paths.

Mail your CV to [email protected]


Product's Support

Visit HCF’s online store to buy cow products on

You can also visit the Holy Cow Kiosk in Saket, New Delhi (Chatri No 15, Balcony 1st floor, Select Citywalk Mall) to buy the organic products.

Corporate Gifting

Take franchise of HCF’s herbal and natural cow products to spread awareness in your community

Place bulk orders to purchase HCF products

Recommend HCF’s pure, ayurvedic products for exhibitions and stalls

Monetary Care

Feed a Cow

Feeding a cow is considered to be one of the most pious acts of service. You can sponsor to feed a cow for as long as you want, for any day/s of the year, and it costs only Rs. 70/day to feed a cow; accumulating to Rs 2,100 per month or Rs. 21,000 a year. On special day(s) of your loved one/s, or a day remembering a dear, departed one; you can feed a cow in the memory of all the dates that you have treasured.

Adopt a Cow

It is a treasured experience to name a cow(s), take care of them and their meals. You can sponsor their food and other whereabouts that cost Rs. 21,000 per year. Another convenient way to look after the cows is to invest 3 lakh in a fixed deposit, where the interest from the FD shall be forwarded to the respective Gaushala. This is a generous process that supports one animal for its entire life, and helps in contributing toward cows’ protection in India. You can receive pictures and videos of your favorite one(s), and visit them on special occasions. We’d be happy to welcome you and assist the visits.

Sponsor a Rikshaw

Who doesn’t end up with huge piles of vegetable peels, chapattis, and other wheat and flour leftovers by the end of the day? These ‘leftovers’ are mostly dumped in a nearby garbage carrier. A whole new way for people to connect with the animals is to donate the food so that the cattle may have wholesome meals. You can sponsor a Rikshaw for the Gaushala that will collect the fodder (leftovers) from door to door. It costs Rs. 21,000 to sponsor a Gaushala Rikshaw, with sunshade and steel drums, to collect the ‘gau gras’.

CSR Funding

HCF welcomes any rural development projects where the cow is used as a training centre for the entire village. Under this concept, a community Gaushala shall be set up where the non-productive cows, calves, bulls will be housed. Proper use of cow dung and cow urine at the shelter will help empower the village to move towards organic farming and village industry through SHGs, where manufacturing and training of Panchgavya products (herbal and natural cow products) will be imparted. On one hand, such a centre will protect non-productive cattle from slaughter and on the other, it will ensure health and wealth in the village via women empowerment and reduction of the rural migration population.

Payroll Contribution

Donate a part of your salary/earnings for the cause

Leverage Grant / Project Sponsorships

Setting up an R&D centre, developing a skill development centre, support in increasing the products’ platforms for sales avenues, invest in the HCF business model

Kind Donations / Charity / Philanthropy

Donate materials like blankets, plastic bottles, flour (atta) for HCF-supported cow shelters

Contribute / Donate to the Corpus

Make donations to HCF



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