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Holy Cow Foundation is an NGO working towards creating a healthy habitat for abandoned and distressed animals across India. Animal welfare, especially the cattle in India, is often overlooked and has become an urgent cause of concern, hence, the cow foundation guides Gaushalas to incorporate a sustainable model that provides a healthy and safe environment to the animals while inculcating effective management practices.

Furthermore, HCF imparts training on the technical know-how of the Panchgavya products (Sanskrit term, meaning 'a blend of five products obtained from the cow, viz. dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd'), and the skills to profitably market them. The products promote a wholesome living, and create employment opportunities for the shelter staff as well as the disadvantaged women in their communities who manufacture these products. This also addresses the issues of sustainability and dependency;rural income enhancement can help mitigate the problem of migration to cities that has become quite rampant in India.

The marketing and use of Panchgavya products encourage eco-friendly practices by the consumers via usage of non chemical products ,recycled bottles and paper/cloth bags to limit the ecological footprint.

In addition, HCF kick-started a new initiative called the Animal Petting Farm in the Delhi/NCR area that serves as a natural hub for the animals, as well as a recreational space for the people who are passionate about the environment and animal welfare. Many curated events like pool parties with farm animals and pets etc. are in the pipeline that shall help build a stronger animal-loving community.

The Foundation also recently collaborated with Arogyam, a wellness centre in Palwal, Haryana, where the centre provides organic food, healthy living and natural treatment for the visitors. Besides having a cow shelter, the centre has also implemented a sustainable model of using bull power and manufacturing herbal and natural cow products. The centre practises organic agriculture as well, and endeavours to provide an immersive, wholesome experience to its visitors.


The Foundation aims at reintegrating the concept of 'Vedic Village' and lead the nation towards a self-sustained, healthy and holistic lifestyle. Championing animal welfare, creating ayurvedic, Panchgavya products, protecting the environment, and empowering the women hailing from disadvantaged communities through training workshops, are the four pillars of Holy Cow Foundation.


The mission of HCF working for animals is to sensitize Gaushalas across the country to implement sustainable models that manufacture or market natural (Panchgavya and organic) products, provide a better life for the cows and help uplift the disadvantaged communities, thus supporting animal welfare, the environment, and women empowerment.

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Anuradha Modi, Founder & President

Anuradha has been the force behind HCF working for cows in India. An avid animal lover, Founder of Friendicoes SECA, and co-founder of KARE (Kindness to Animals and Respect for Environment). Anuradha organized the first Pet Show in India, back in 1975, with the concept of raising healthier and happier pets rather than giving importance to the breed of the dog. Her article, and the concept, 'Killing the Crisis Not the Animal', was the beginning of ABC (Animal Birth Control Project for Stray Dogs) at the governmental level. After learning about the pitiable conditions of indigenous cows and the various ways through which they benefit mankind, she decided to take the initiative and establish Holy Cow Foundation.

K. K. Modi

Hailing from an industrialist family, with deep-rooted ethnic values, K. K. Modi constantly endeavours to create awareness about the deplorable state of cows in India. He wants to motivate more people to take conscious steps toward  compassionate treatment of cows. His entrepreneurial skills and knowledge bring extensive support to the Foundation and its activities. Most importantly, his vision is to see cows as the harbinger of the organic revolution, and is working relentlessly towards it. Being a strict vegan himself, he is always promoting it in the society.

Pawan Tibrewala

Pawan Tibrewala was on the board of NEWS (Nature Environment and Wildlife Society), one of the largest NGOs in East India operating in the Sunderbans and the North East, to save the environment and wild animals. His intent is to save the indigenous cows by finding them shelters, and creating awareness about the existence of cows being directly related to the existence of mankind. Pawan uses his enterprising skills for outreach and fund collection for the various activities of the organization.

Raashi Aanand, Director

With seven years of experience in the development sector, Raashi passionately champions the cause of child welfare, education, animal welfare and community development among others. Raashi is a young social entrepreneur who is also the Founder of Lakshyam, an NGO that supports at-risk children and women via focussed projects. Raashi is a Board member of some noteworthy national and international non-profits that serve disadvantaged communities, in varied capacities.

Aniha Modi, Creative Director

A law graduate , Aniha has been involved in the designing aspect of the animal welfare Foundation. She is passionate about spreading awareness regarding the state of animals in India, especially cows. Aniha taps onto mediums like social media and events to reach out to more people and engage them into protecting animals in many ways.

Rajdeep Roy, Advisor

An alumnus of St. Xavier's Collegiate School and St. Xavier's College, Rajdeep has studied Commercial Dairy Farming from National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal. He has also been rescuing and rehabilitating stricken animals since childhood. Rajdeep has 50 non-milking cows and males, and 12 rescued dogs under his direct care, spread over his home in Kolkata and a farm in U.P. He also manages the PFA bovine shelter in Kolkata that has almost 100 bovines of all breeds, gender and age.

Khushbu, Advisor

With ten years of experience in the social service sector, Khushbu has an expertise in sustainable dairy farming practices. She is the Founder of Ethical Indulgences, a dairy free bakes delivery service in Delhi, and the manufacturer of NUTRIVA, a plant-based beverage. Khushbu is also the co-author of National Dairy Code of Practices for Management of Dairy Animals In India that has now been adopted by the Government of India.

Neelam, Sales in-charge

Neelam has been handling the sales of the environment-friendly HCF products that are exhibited at the prestigious Select Citywalk Mall at the Saket outlet since many years. Neelam also zealously spreads awareness about the HC panchgavya products and the impact the purchases have on the consumers as well as the beneficiaries who manufacture them.



HCF helps Gaushalas attain economic sustainability by providing training on how to make Panchgavya products and also helps them set up production units. HCF helps create high quality products, assists in marketing them and create a stable buyer base for such products. Ad hoc support, for urgent construction work, economic sustainability etc, is also provided.

Veganism is a very sensitive issue and HCF fully supports it in today’s scenario. Veganism is good for the health of each individual as well as the animals’. But the change is not going to take place overnight, and the existing animals need to be supported; hence, we promote products made from cow dung and urine. WE DO NOT PROMOTE DAIRY. The need for steady efforts to spread awareness about the cruelty behind dairy cannot be slighted. A vegan may not support Panchgavya products but if a cow cannot earn its keeper money, no one will support a cow or her calves. Gaushalas cannot run on erratic donations alone. Therefore, in order to sustain cows, HCF promotes the use of cows’ dung and urine for agriculture and other such products.

The desi cow is virtually a living hospital and factory, rolled into one. The cows mentioned by HCF refer to the Indian desi cow, Bos Indicus. The exotic cows are a different breed, known as Bos Taurus, where the composition of their milk, dung and urine are completely different. Some of the many successful case studies include cancer patients in a hospital in Wardha, Gujarat that uses “Cow Therapy” for treatment, and has had a high recovery rate. The feedback of people using HCF products, herbal and Panchgavya-based, are truly heartening, and prove that the benefits from the cow are not hearsay, but a progressive, healthy reality.



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